About John Abdo

“ It doesn’t matter your current age or fitness level. I created the AbDoer 360 Fitness System to work for just about everybody -- all you need to do is sit down and just move your body, follow my program, and you’ll be on your way to tighter abs, trimmer love-handles, and a stronger back. The Ab Doer 360° is easy and it’s a lot of fun!” - John Abdo

John Abdo is regarded worldwide as an elite-level authority on health, fitness, nutrition, muscle and fat metabolism, athletic conditioning, sexual health, and life motivation. He’s a Master In Fitness Sciences with the prestigious International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), one of the most prominent certification institutions for sports strength coaches and fitness professionals.

John is a professional trainer who has worked with numerous World-Class athletes, including the former UFC World Heavyweight Champion, Fabricio Werdum.

Recently inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, John is recognized for inventing the award-winning home gym, the Ab-Doer, that has become one of the most successful midsection training systems in the world.

John’s accomplishments rank him as one of the most visible motivational educators for legions of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and coaches worldwide. As a highly demanded editorial consultant, John has written numerous books and has been a regular contributor to such popular magazines as Men’s Health, Details, Outside, Women’s World, and Muscle & Fitness.